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How to send us photos direct from your phone

Some mobile devices don't support uploading photos from web sites like this. If you have any problems with your device you can always email your photo to us instead.

Simply email your photo to photos@gmfreeme.org
Remember to include at least your name and full postcode in your message, also - let us know if you want to join our mailing list.

Do read through our terms and conditions first.

How we use your photo

By submitting your photo and comment you become a part of a growing movement of people who want the UK to be GM Free. Your photo will be placed on the map, in your political constituency. The more of us who participate, harder it will be for our elected representatives to ignore this issue.

About this site::
GM Free Me is a Beyond GM initiative. Submitting your photo to this site is a vote for a safer, healthier more sustainable food system, for the health of our plants, animals and soil, for the independence and future security of our farmers. Thank you for speaking up.    Read more...