GMOs in the UK – where are we now?

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In the UK, new field trials of GM crops including potato, broccoli, brassicas and a false flax plant that produces fish oil have just moved the GMO issue much closer to home.

Hidden health dangers: A former agbiotech insider wants his GMO crops pulled

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The creator of the genetically engineered White Russet potato on why he has renounced his work and why he thinks his GMO potatoes should be pulled from the market.

Monsanto fined $289 million for failing to warn users of glyphosate-cancer link

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In the first of many pending trials in the US, a California jury has ruled that the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup) can cause cancer.

GM beer, anyone?

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Genetic engineers in California have genetically engineered brewers’ yeast that can make a beer-like substance without the use of hops – perfect, they say, for helping craft brewers that want to cut costs.

Glyphosate and the epidemic of child ill health

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The revelations about the damaging effects of glyphosate – the world’s most widely used herbicide – just keep on coming and its impact on child health is likely being overlooked or simply ignored.

Amazon sells GM Arctic apples unlabelled

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It’s not illegal – but it is irresponsible; in the US online retailer Amazon has been selling a dried apple snack product made from the Arctic GMO apple without letting customers know that it’s GMO.

The people versus glyphosate

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There’s a David versus Goliath battle going on in the US courts as thousands allege a link between chronic glyphosate exposure and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – the outcome is anyone’s guess.

FDA ordered to come clean about GMO salmon

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In response to a lawsuit filed by Earthjustice, the US FDA has been ordered to release previously withheld information relating to its controversial decision to approve genetically engineered salmon for human consumption.

GMO 2.0 – what you should know

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New genetic modification techniques are currently being used to change our food system, with largely unknown consequences. Here’s what you need to know and why you need to speak out.

EU testing reveals glyphosate in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

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In a series of tests on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream varieties sold throughout the UK and EU, worrying levels of glyphosate have been found.

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