Eating out? Here’s how to avoid GMOs on your plate

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Unless you’ve cooked it yourself it can be hard to know what you are eating. Here’s some good advice about how to ensure you are not eating GMOs when you are eating out.

GMO salmon approved for human consumption

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US federal regulators have approved a genetically engineered salmon for entry into the marketplace, clearing the way for the world’s first GMO animal intended for human consumption.

Glyphosate – what’s the problem?

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Many of us are eating, drinking and breathing in this toxic herbicide every day and, in spite of mounting evidence of the harm it does to our health, our government and regulators are doing nothing about it.

Jane Goodall supports GM Free Me

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Taking action to ensure a better future is the thing that gives us hope, says renowned primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace, Jane Goodall. We are so pleased to have her support for our UK campaign.

Opting out – What does it mean to be ‘GM-free’?

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If a country doesn’t grow GMOs – but continues to sell them to consumers as food or hidden in animal feed – can it really call itself ‘GM free’?

Unethical GM Golden Rice study finally withdrawn

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It’s the GM food that promises to heal the sick – and the one most often used to portray those who opppose GMOs as heartless child-murderers. Now an controversial study into GM Golden Rice has been retracted due to questions over its legitimacy.

GMOs and other poisons – Why it matters what ‘lab rats’ eat

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Laboratory rats are routinely fed contaminated feed, skewing the results of important safety tests on products like GMOs and pesticides.

The GM Free Me t-shirt is here!

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We’ve launched a great range of 100% organic cotton t-shirts so that even more people can spread the GM Free Me message around the UK.

The ‘organic effect’ – no GMOs, no pesticides

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Organic is the best way to rid the world of unsustainable and toxic GMOs – but a new study shows that it may also be the quickest way to rid your body of pesticide residues. Win-win!

17 GM crops quietly approved in the EU

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Citizen opposition to GM crops is being ignored, as pressure from the US government and the biotech industry mounts

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