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Our voice for a GM Free Britain

GM Free Me is a lively visual petition that puts the views of average people back into the GM debate. It only takes a minute to add your face and your voice to our gallery of everyday activists who are calling for a better food future. Join us!

UK government: yes to new GM wheat trial

In spite of concerns that it could increase antibiotic resistance and contaminate existing crops, the UK has given the go-ahead for a new open air trial of GMO wheat.

Coming to a shop near you – sneaky new GMOs

Biotech corporations are sneaking new types of GMOs into all kinds of things from apples to designer perfumes. A new guide advises consumers to be(a)ware!

FDA tests find glyphosate in US honey

Confidential records reveal that levels of the toxic herbicide were higher than could be considered ‘safe’ by the standards of other countries.

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GM Free Me is a Beyond GM initiative. Submitting your photo to this site is a vote for a safer, healthier more sustainable food system, for the health of our plants, animals and soil, for the independence and future security of our farmers. Thank you for speaking up.    Read more...